B2B Solutions

We are a group of global IT companies that completely focuses their activity on the Connectivity and Integration of Business Systems

Our Companies

B2B Solutions

B2B Solutions is a Spanish Information Technology services company which specialises entirely in B2B
integration, Managed File Transfers and Supply Chain Optimization.


B2B Bureau

Our Managed Cloud Services company. We provide all the functionality of B2B Collaboration solutions,
reducing complexity, infrastructure, IT resources, consulting hours and costs


B2B Next

Our Digital Transformation services company.
We are specialists in developing and optimizing information systems and infrastructures to improve the
profitability of IT investments


The B2B Solutions Branches

B2B Next Germany

B2B Next DE, is the German subsidiary of B2B Solutions


B2B Next United Kingdom

B2B Next UK, is the British subsidiary of B2B Solutions

B2B Next France

B2B Next FR, is the French subsidiary of B2B Solutions


B2B Next Mexico

B2B Next MX is the Mexican subsidiary of B2B Solutions


B2B Next Colombia

B2B Next CO is the Colombian subsidiary of B2B Solutions


B2B Next Italy

B2B Next IT is the Italian subsidiary of B2B Solutions 


How we can help your company

We Advise

As consultants and architects specialising in integration, we are always close to our clients in order
to offer solutions based on the most advanced technology, to ensure that their systems always keep pace with their businesses.

We Develop

We create solutions for the integration of business systems and e-Business platforms fully tailored to our client’s needs. Quality, fully-secure solutions, ensuring the fulfilment of development times

We Manage

We take charge of the comprehensive management of your projects and systems, reducing costs, optimising their performance and ensuring the greatest availability and quality, as well as the fulfilment of service level agreements.

We are Premier Business Partner, a Primary Support Provider for products of the IBM Sterling B2B and
IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer (MFT) families, and a supplier authorized by IBM for Cloud
Integration Services and Software as a Service (SaaS).

We focuses all our activity on IBM´s B2B Collaboration and Supply Chain solutions

Customers of IBM's B2B collaboration solutions have reduced:

1 %

Dedicated to solving problems associated with file transfers


1 %

Associated with exception management


1 %

Time spent on onboarding processes of new business partners

1 %

Regarding unmanaged File Transfer systems

Source: Watson Supply Chain: IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Platform / MFT. February 2018.

IBM B2B Integrator V5.2.6 and
IBM File Gateway V2.2.6 Migration

Beginning 30th September 2021, IBM no longer support for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator V5.2.6.x e IBM Sterling File Gateway V2.2.6.x.

We have years of experience in this type of migration. That is why we have designed an action plan to carry out the migration in the shortest possible time, guaranteeing the lowest cost and the least impact on your services.

IBM Sterling B2B Suite Health Check

We offer you the chance to request no charge Expert Technical Assessment o identify possible improvement areas in Performance, Resilience, Security, Monitoring, Cost of Ownership and Best Practices.

MFT Maturity Check

We would like to consider having the current state of your B2B integration platforms, along with your file transfer solutions and supply chain management tools, to reveal how prepared your MFT infraestructure is to take on present-day challenges.

Our study will cost you nothing and will show you the measures you should take to achieve  excellence in your information transfer systems and reduce costs.

Why B2B Next?

A Professional Team 

All of our professionals have proven experience with international projects and are certified to perform their work in the most efficient way, optimizing development and implementation times all while guaranteeing the quality of their projects and reducing costs.

A Commitment to Our Customers

We’ve positioned ourselves beyond an IT approach so our customers can receive personalized business solutions that meet their business goals and generate objective value for their organizations. The quality of our services and our commitment to our customers’ projects have allowed us to position ourselves as a company that is extremely highly valued.


Continuous Improvement

Our company is constantly evolving. We pursue excellence in all our services and, therefore, we not only incorporate the continuous changes found in a complex market into our DNA but we also acquire the knowledge, technologies and methods that allow us to perform our work with the best quality and effectiveness, thereby saving costs with each project.

100% Success

It gives us great pride to be able to say that we’ve not only fulfilled our customers’ goals and
expectations but that we’ve also become an IT reference for each one of them. Our vocation to
service and our consultants’ professionalism have made us a leading IBM Software Services
provider in Europe for high-impact implementations.

Some of our References

                                                    Financial entities, providers of means of payment, government entities, insurance companies,
electricity and retail companies… they have all placed their trust in our specialisation, to take on their e-Business projects at different locations around the world…