B2B Health Check

IBM Sterling B2B Suite Health Check

Optimize the performance of your B2B / MFT Collaboration solutions

We offer you the chance to request a no charge Expert Technical Assessment of your IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, IBM Sterling File Gateway or IBM Sterling Connect:Direct platform, to identify possible improvement areas in Performance, Resilience, Security, Monitoring, Cost of Ownership and Best Practices.

In this conclusive studio, provided to you at no cost, one of our Technical Leads will visit you onsite and work together with you to produce a highly detailed technical document with quick-wins and practical recommendations to optimize your B2B / MFT Collaboration solutions.

Rediscover what a problem-free B2B/MFT platform can do to ease your day to day operations, reduce the number of incidents raised by your customers, improved onboarding and implementation times and overall meeting of your business expectations.

What is the Total Cost of Ownership of your platform?

All Integration Systems usually perform well when they go live with the first trading partner setup. However, while more and more partners, logic and data flowing through them, any misconfiguration or coding defect starts having a more and more significant impact, skyrocketing the amount of service hours your technicians need to use for troubleshooting customer complaints.

Furthermore, the risk of regulatory impact as GDPR due to security non-compliance and performance degradation over time adds for tremendous costs to any platform.

Discovering the cause of symptoms and their solutions is not a simple task. Sometimes due to time constraints, task re-prioritization or lack expert technical resources, this issues are set aside and tolerated as an extra burden in our day to day
activities, posing a greater and greater risk over time.

In order to reduce your costs in man-hours, eliminate operative risks and excel in customer satisfaction, it is important to carry out routine health checks of your B2B / MFT Collaboration systems.

B2B Next can help you to discover and solve anomalies in your B2B / MFT Collaboration platform, getting your Sterling systems out of the center of attention as usual suspects when a production problem occurs. 


  • Analysis of configuration, resources, communications, compatibility, updates, maintenance, processes, databases, code and general health of your B2B / MFT Collaboration platform
  • Detailed, expert diagnosis of your platform, with practical recommendations to optimize performance and ensure minimum
  • Identification of known security vulnerabilities
  • Production Issues analysis and resolution
  • Comprehensive planning to avoid the system deterioration, avoiding performance issues in the near future
  • Code Analysis and Best Practices Recommendation tailored for your implementation
  • Cost reduction by maximizing activity time and performance of your platform
  • Regulatory Compliance Check

Health Check Scope

As experts in IBM B2B / MFT Collaboration solutions, we can help you to identify problems that will affect the performance of your systems, and detailed the recommendations needed to address them.

Our Health Check includes:

  • Sizing review: Resources verification for a properly function (CPU, Memory, Disk and Network metrics are used and extracted for analysis)
  • Review of network latency and communications between components
  • Review of recommended installation parameters of the solution
  • Verification of compliance with the prerequisites of hardware, database tables and tablespaces, JDK configuration, system, user and compatibility with other family solutions
  • Review of maintenance policies: Cleaning of mailboxes, retention, archive and purge policies, documents on disk, DB Scheme, tables and Indexes
    fragmentation, high cost SQL queries, buffer pools, etc.
  • General code review of business processes (BPs) and identification of those likely to improve or not in compliance with IBM best practices
  • Security review. Vulnerabilities, insecure connections and deprecated cyphers, accounts, passwords and external authentication
  • Code Review. Performance degradation analysis, identification of functions with high computational cost and best practices

Contact B2B Next if you want a free technical evaluation or if you have any further information about our Health Check.