IBM Aspera faspex

IBM Aspera faspex

Global person-to-person and project-based file delivery and Exchange

IBM Aspera faspex is an easy-to-use, flexible, and secure web application for global file collaboration and exchange. It provides an intuitive, efficient way for individuals and groups to transfer files and directories at high-speed, regardless of size, transfer distance or network conditions.

With today’s global teams, effective collaboration requires fast and efficient ways to share data between team members, especially as the size and number of files grows. Aspera faspex facilitates an easy, highspeed exchange of large files and directories over a wide area network, making it ideal for projects that involve multiple teams exchanging big data across continents and around the world.

Through a web-based interface, collaborators can create and send files and folders bundled as faspex packages to individuals or groups, whether they are within the organization or external partners. Aspera FASP technology provides delivery at maximum speed, while enterprise-grade security features help ensure that only authorized people have access to the data. Capabilities like drop boxes for ad hoc content submission, mobile device support, and an automated desktop downloader help ensure that teams stay on top of content changes, especially for projects with tight deadlines.

Views showing the creation of a faspex package and progress of a faspex transfer and download.

Key benefits:

  • 100% reliable, high-speed data delivery
  • Flexible options for collaborators to easily send or receive faspex packages using their preferred clients
  • Large-scale global project-based file exchange within and outside the organization
  • Comprehensive security protects important project data in transit over the wire and at rest
  • Built-in server, user, workgroup and package management for easy administration
  • Monitor transfer progress and performance in near real-time

Key features:

  • High-speed FASP transfers regardless of file sizes, transfer distance or network conditions
  • Global digital data delivery and exchange using a standard browser, Outlook email client, or mobile devices
  • Browse any remote storage location and attach files or directories to a faspex package
  • Drop boxes for ad hoc content submission from third parties with email invitation and notification
  • Self-registration for third parties with moderated and un-moderated configuration
  • LDAP directory services integration for user authentication and authorization
  • Full data encryption available over the wire and at rest
  • Multi-server and multi-site configurations for improved performance and reliability

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