IBM Aspera Sync

IBM Aspera Sync

Enables high-performance, scalable and multidirectional file replication and synchronization

IBM Aspera Sync provides a highly scalable solution for multidirectional file replication and synchronization. It can handle millions of individual files and the largest file sizes at speeds up to hundreds of times faster than conventional synchronization and replication tools.

This software avoids unnecessary hours of copy time by recognizing file name changes and file operations such as moves and renames, propagating these changes to remote peers only.

IBM Aspera Sync can overcome the performance and scalability shortcomings of conventional backup and synchronization tools to improve:

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Content distribution and system mirroring
  • File archiving and storage
  • Data migration

IBM Aspera Sync features:

Unrivaled performance

  • Offers precise bandwidth control to help ensure that the entire allocated bandwidth is utilized to help achieve maximum transfer speeds, regardless of file sizes, distance and network conditions
  • Features highly-reliable data delivery and real-time reporting of transfer progress and performance
  • Provides a familiar command-line interface that reduces the learning curve
  • Reconciles file system changes with remote peers at high speed over global distances and does not degrade in performance as the number of files increases

Flexible deployment options

  • Enable configuration of replication jobs to run continuously for real-time synchronization, or one time on demand
  • Support both push and pull modes in bidirectional and multidirectional synchronization topologies where content is changing on multiple servers
  • Allow one-to-one, one-to-many and full-mesh synchronization with remote sync monitoring through the IBM Aspera Console web application
  • Provide open architecture for integration with third-party processes and systems

Exceptional scalability

  • Scales up and out for maximum speed replication and synchronization over WANs for the largest big data file stores
  • Delivers optimized performance with a highly scalable architecture that can support millions of files and multi-terabyte file sets
  • Features concurrent synchronization session architecture with support for clustering and multi-gigabit transfer speeds
  • Provides the fastest speeds for bulk data synchronization over WANs.

An efficient file synchronization solution with change detection

  • Provides built-in, file-level data deduplication (in unidirectional and bidirectional mode) that detects multiple copies of a file at the source and creates links to a single copy of the file at the destination, saving transfer and storage capacity
  • Detects changes in scan mode for large incremental data sets
  • Offers advanced features for preservation of file timestamps, secure docroots and token authorization
  • Replicates file moves and file renames on the source as moves or renames on the target
  • Provides a distributed event collection system with fast capture of file system changes on clusters of ingest servers and high-availability deployments

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