IBM Connect Direct

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

Overcome dependency on unreliable FTP and help reduce IT resources

Organizations depend on the reliable movement of files, from batch integration, to the movement of large images or catalogs, to the synchronization with remote locations. In this new era of rigorous security and shorter processing windows, IBM Sterling Connect:Direct provides security-rich, point-to-point file transfers optimized for high-volume, assured delivery of files within and among enterprises.

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct can send your files with:

  • Forecasting capability: Ensures delivery through automated planning, checkpoint restart and automatic retrieval
  • Security: Ensures that customer information remains private and file transfers are auditable to achieve compliance through proprietary protocol, authorization, and encryption (FIPS 140-2 and CommonCriteria certificate)
  • Performance: Handles the loads most demanded, from large volumes of small files, to multi gigabyte files

Manage the growth of file transfers, increasing performance without adding IT resources

When your organization needs to have the right file at the right time, using an unreliable file transfer solution is a risk that you just can’t afford to take.

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct can give you the peace of mind with capabilities that include:

Automation and management

  • Supports unattended operations uninterrupted
  • Plan work on a regular, recurring or punctual basis
  • Assigns and manages the file transfer workload
  • Notification of event alerts
  • Language construction scripts to provide integration with background systems
  • API and SDK for other applications to have programming access
  • Overcomes latency problems in TCP / IP protocol
  • Increases up to four times the transfer speed for large files on high speed networks
  • Built-in congestion control – shares bandwidth with other enterprise applications

Guaranteed file delivery

  • Supports checkpoint restart
  • Automatic recovery of network interruptions
  • Automated alert notifications for correct / failed Security and Compliance
  • Interfaces with operating system security for user authentication
  • Provides complete audit trail of data movement through extensive statistical records

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus

  • User authentication
  • X.509 Certificates for Authentication
  • Data encryption (SSL / TLS)
  • Certificate Checking and Certificate Revocation List (CRL)
  • FIPS 140-2 Certificate and Common Criteria

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct FTP +

  • Add IBM Connect:Direct features to the existing FTP protocol to deliver guaranteed delivery: automatic retry, compression and checkpoint / restart
  • Authentication and data encryption with Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus, and uses the IBM Connect:Direct protocol to improve existing FTP security
  • Audit and registration functions
  • Server Visibility through IBM Control Center

Multiple platform support.

  • Support for operating systems
  • z/OS
  • OpenVMS
  • i5/OS (OS/400)
  • Support for UNIX and Linux network protocols
  • TCP/IP
  • SNA
  • UDT (UNIX 4.0, z/OS 4.8, Windows 4.5)
  • Windows
  • HP NonStop

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