IBM File Gateway

IBM Sterling File Gateway

A scalable, secure and always-on edge-based gateway that consolidates file transfers on a single platform

BM Sterling File Gateway consolidates disparate file transfer activity centers and facilitates the secure exchange of file-based data over the Internet.
Companies are expanding internet-based file transfer activity with their trading partners, but FTP and unsafe controls over file transfer servers, provide risks and operational problems.

Consolidate and take control over edge-based file transfers

IBM File Gateway can help you increase secure and reliable file transfer with your trading partners.

Improve partner incorporation, security and file addressing with features including:

Incorporation capacity

  • The incorporation wizard and the reusable templates allow the rapid incorporation of new partners
  • Configure group-based controls to minimize the management of business partner relationships
  • Use import / export functionality to minimize the risk of production updates to partner configurations

Communication channels

  • SSH / SCP, HTTP, HTTPS, IBM Sterling Connect: Direct, IBM Sterling Connect: Direct Secure Plus, WebDAV, SOAP, ODETTE
  • Support AS1, AS2 and AS3
  • Expandable for custom protocols
  • Use Zip and GZIP to compress file
  • Create predefined business processes based on events to minimize configuration andmanagement of process flows


  • Various encryption standards (PGP, SSL / TLS, S / MIME)
  • Single sign-on, LDAP, and user authentication
  • Encrypt both current and inactive files
  • The event log provides complete audit trail of file transfer activities

Management and visibility

  • MyFileGateway provides business partners with secure access to initiate upload and download requests
  • Real-time monitoring and a self-service portal ensure visibility to business and IT users aboutongoing file transfers
  • Supervise file transfer activity exceptionally through event management notifications
  • Auditing and reporting provide the metrics needed to verify compliance with regulations andadherence to service level agreements


  • Native clusters in horizontal and vertical cluster support the consolidation of file transfer servers and the growth of business partner collaboration
  • The technical architecture supports large volumes of very large file and file transfers withoutcompromising performance

File processing and addressing.

  • Use mapping functions to manage file name relationships
  • Automate the replay, reprocessing, and forwarding associated with failed file transfers
  • Intelligent file addressing based on the sender, file name, file type, and file content 
  • Reusable templates reduce the time spent by staff in creating and managing file transfer processes

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