IBM Gentran Integration Suite

IBM Gentran Integration Suite

Designed to facilitate EDI exchange, it offers functionalities related to mapping, document translation, archiving and tracking

The IBM Gentran Integration Suite is one of the most popular EDI solutions in the industry, with millions of commercial transactions carried out on it daily. The product was designed to handle both incoming and outgoing file translation and messages.

Even if Gentran continues to be an excellent solution, it has not been supported by IBM since the 1st May 2015. However, we offer you a complete and flexible support plan that guarantees your EDI operation.

GENTRAN Support Services

At B2B Next, we provide a services and support plan for Gentran which is personalised according to your objectives and budget in order to ensure the continuity of production of your electronic data exchange operations.

We provide support to all sectors and all versions of Gentran:

  • 4.2, 5.0, 5.2, 6.0
  • On Unix, Windows, AS400, iSeries and zSeries

Support for Business Partners

  • On-boarding of new business partners
  • Configuration of business partners and creation of assignments
  • Communication and co-ordination with business partners. Our B2B specialists will work directly with our business partners’ EDI teams on all activities and tests necessary for achieving optimal B2B integration

Mapping and Translation Support

  • Data mapping and migration along with updates to any new standards or formats
  • For any mapper of the different EDI products: AI mapper, visual mapper
  • Implementation of complex mappings for various business scenarios
  • We rationalise and reduce the number of maps using mapping templates
  • Our B2B specialists integrate with our clients’ business analysts

Monitoring Support and Message Alerts from Business Partners

  • We actively monitor your Gentran Servers, messages and errors in order to ensure that EDI messages are being processed at all times and avoiding problems which may cause late EDI messages
  • We check translation errors, data problems, duplicates, late ACK responses, ASN, etc.

Proactive Technical Support

  • We rely upon a highly qualified support service available 24/7 which guarantees the professional response that you and your business partners need

Optimisation Support:

  • Gentran performance optimisation services and status checks
  • Troubleshooting, monitoring and diagnostics of the system
  • Key performance indicators and reporting


Additional services

Managed Services

Using our Cloud Service, based on IBM and Kubernetes’ latest technology, we can reliably connect your company with your business partners network, regardless of their communication protocols and file formats, providing you with professional support available 24/7.
This way, we meet the needs of our clients’ B2B Integration and File Transfer, simplifying the business processes whilst drastically reducing costs.

Migration Services

Using a single gateway portal, we migrate your EDI infrastructure to the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, the best solution on today’s market, in order to integrate a wide variety of systems and networks. Unlike Gentran, B2BI can virtually connect with any B2B application or process.

Contact B2B Next to find out about your Gentran and EDI needs and design a personalised support service plan.