IBM Small Partner Automation

IBM Small Partner Automation

Enable EDI exchanges with small partners

IBM Small Partner Automation solution eliminates paper-based transactions and manual processing of data by automating the transactions via webforms or document conversion. You receive the benefits of automation with minimal impact to your trading partners’ way of doing business.

Identifying the right solution to eliminate paper, fax and phone based transactions by converting them into Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) format with small and/or seasonal trading partners, not only reduces errors and saves time, it also helps in reducing the overall costs of managing a partner network.

This screen capture shows a summary of EDI transactions and their status.

Feature spotlights:


A cloud-based customizable solution that offers an electronic alternative to the inefficient paper-based communications that customers may be relying on with their non-EDI enabled trading partners. What it offers? Creation and exchange of business documents electronically with a security-rich, customizable web site and provide economical B2B capabilities.

Document Conversion Services

A solution that allows for the transformation of non-structured documents into an EDI or other structured format, that you can aggregate all the small trading partners traffic through existing connection with Supply Chain Business Network. What it offers? Converts inbound faxes, email (document attachments like PDF), postal mail and all other non-EDI documents into EDI or XML formats.

Streamline your business processes

Consolidate business processes to control spending and protect margins. You can implement one process for all trading partners, regardless of their size or technical expertise. The solution eliminates exchange of paper documents, faxes and phone calls with your small and seasonal partners.

Configurable templates to create unique web forms

Offers templates with configurable logos, layouts and colors. which allows you to rapidly create Web communities with your trading partners and shortens your time from configuration to connection.

Manage contacts through community announcements

You can more easily manage contacts with improved community visibility and reporting. You will have a single view into your community of trading partners and will be able to manage your contacts through community announcements. The solution identifies unresponsive partners and helps troubleshoot issues, while providing visibility into the performance of your entire hosted trading community through communitybased reporting.

Automate partner registration

You can automate partner registration and information gathering. The solution eliminates the need to manually contact partners, form partner agreements and collect information. This helps increase trading partner participation and improve support of your smaller partners.

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