IBM Sterling Delivery Transaction

IBM Sterling Delivery Transaction Intelligence with Watson

There's only one version of the truth. Make sure everyone sees it

IBM Sterling Delivery Transaction Intelligence with Watson provides shared visibility across multiple partners to research and resolve issues and improve supply chain performance. Unlock the answers hidden in your transactions and experience the power of frictionless multienterprise digital connectivity powered by IBM Blockchain.

Benefits of Shared Visibility with Blockchain

Key highlights

Empower your supply chain with actionable insights

Embedded AI powers alerts and provides predictive insights that help you proactively manage order to delivery disruptions that will improve KPI performance and reduce inventory and order costs.

  • Enable anyone to quickly find business transactions with natural language search, powered by Watson
  • Empower users across a blockchain relationship to easily spot supply chain discrepancies with proactive alerts
  • Recognize patterns and predict the completion of events with Cycle Time Predictions

Trust a tamperproof, complete shared record

See what you couldn’t before – understand your real-time digital events and opportunities, assess the potential impact, and confidently take action to deliver better customer and business outcomes.

With IBM Sterling Delivery Transaction Intelligence with Watson, a capability of the IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN), you can provide invited trading partners an appendonly shared record of real-time, secure digital transactions powered by IBM Blockchain

  • Establish a single ‘shared version of events’ across your networks for supply chain transactions, processes, and partners
  • Resolve supply chain disruptions and disputes with a multi-partner blockchain relationship that enables transparency and trust
  • Remove blind spots and provide the traceability that improves Governance, Risk and Security Compliance (GRC)

Realize a rapid return on your investment

Onboard trading partners in days, not weeks, with self-service capabilities and elevate existing investments to realize a rapid return on investment.

  • Extend existing investments in EDI and your business network by bringing digital transactions into a permissioned blockchain
  • SCBN clients post data to the ledger with no incremental work effort. Non-SCBN clients input data via RESTful APIs
  • Easily invite trading partners to join a blockchain relationship with self-service onboarding

Capabilities of IBM Sterling Delivery Transaction Intelligence with Watson.

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