IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility

IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility

See it. Sell it. Manage it more profitably. We’ve got the inventory visibility for that

IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility works with your existing systems to provide a single, scalable, real-time view of inventory and demand so you can grow sales, protect margins and increase customer satisfaction
It is a cloud-based SaaS solution that rapidly processes extremely high inventory supply and demand update activity and presents an accurate real-time availability picture to the channels of promise

Customer expectations for B2C companies are being driven higher and higher by several pure digital players and these expectations are carrying over to B2B companies as well. To succeed in this omnichannel world, companies must be able to give customers exactly what they want, where and when they want it. The only way to deliver on that promise is with a single, accurate view of all your inventory.

Inventory by SKU

Benefits of IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility

Say “yes” more often to your customers

Break down those inventory silos and disparate systems so you can broaden that keyhole view and see all your available-topromise inventory. IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility provides you an inventory hub with a single view of inventory and a dashboard you can personalize for your job requirements, so you can see and manage all your inventory. You can also expand your customer offerings with “endless aisle” by seamlessly integrating your inventory with your suppliers and enabling drop shipping.

Get accurate, scalable inventory views

Don’t get bogged down during peak seasons – meet peak-period demand with our SaaS solution which has up-to-the-minute inventory accuracy. This highly accurate inventory view helps you avoid overpromising, losing sales or incurring unexpected, expedited shipping charges. Our system uses Akamai gateways and Cassandra databases to provide views of in store and warehouse inventory with the speed and accuracy you need to provide improved customer fulfillment experiences. On top of that, our solution does not require IT assistance to ramp up and down as your demand changes over time, which frees up those IT resources to focus on providing better experiences for your customers.

Say “yes” more often to your customers

When you have a single, accurate view of all your inventory, you can reduce cross-company safety stock and inventory carrying costs and share safety stock across your organization, so there’s no need to have multiple, disjointed reserves in every silo or channel. Track the demand for inventory so you can customize safety stock by location and SKU – and get crosschannel insights to better balance inventory after the planning and deployment process ends. And the best part? It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing commerce, order management or ERP systems, as well as new sales channels, so you don’t need to take on a long or expensive IT initiative to start exceeding business goals and delivering more satisfying fulfillment experiences for every customer.

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