IBM Sterling Order Management

IBM Sterling Order Management

Cross-channel order orchestration platform for today’s dynamic supply networks

IBM Sterling Order Management provides order orchestration through a centralized inventory, order promising and fulfillment hub to support omni-channel fulfillment. It helps enterprises increase fill rates and inventory turns, reduce markdowns, improve customer loyalty and increase share of wallet.

The Order Management system enables you to make better decisions about how to promise and fulfill customer orders, resulting in improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

IBM Sterling Order Management features include:

A single view of supply and demand across channels

  • Enables visibility into multiple internal and external inventory locations to provide an accurate promise date to the customer and, if needed, to schedule alternative fulfillment locations
  • Combines multichannel order aggregation, global inventory visibility and service availability to support the entire order promise, including available-to-promise, available-to-deliver and available-to-service functions
  • Provides rules-based order promising and scheduling to help make sure inventory and resources are appropriately allocated from internal or external sources to meet the conditions of each line on an order

Coordinated, customized fulfillment execution

  • Provides flexible business process definitions and adaptable fulfillment models to allow customers to begin an order through any channel (online, call center, store), complete it through any channel and take delivery virtually anywhere
  • Decomposes orders into unique units of work to create the optimal fulfillment process for each unit or order line item
  • Brokers documents and requests to the appropriate internal or external systems and participants to track fulfillment activity more effectively for each order line item
  • Delivers flexible order process modeling and role-based relationships among multiple supply chain participants to control information flows, including orders, modifications, status updates, alerts, inventory availability and exceptions

One source of order information

  • Aggregates orders from multiple order capture channels (online, call center, store) and provides a single source of order status information across these channels
  • Simplifies administration of customer orders, allowing a single order record to be accessed by authorized users to modify, add or cancel a line item or an entire order
  • Links return and repair requests to original sales orders to provide visibility into the entire repair or return lifecycle
  • Tracks reverse inventory back to the appropriate location, including partner locations, to support reverse logistics for customer returns

Integrated order fulfillment processes across all selling channels

  • Integrates with IBM WebSphere® Commerce to provide a thorough cross-channel buying experience, from initial browsing through order fulfillment
  • Provides call center representatives with access to order, inventory, delivery and installation tools and information to provide high-quality customer service
  • Extends access and control of fulfillment operations to store associates and sales representatives through intuitive mobile applications
  • Arms store associates with a cross-channel view of past customer interactions to personalize the in-store shopping experience.

Visibility of inventory. Provides a consolidated view of inventory information across all internal and external
sources throughout the supply chain from warehouses, distribution centers, stores, and supply chain partners.

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