IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer

Move over 1 million files per day with a fast, scalable, market-leading file transfer platform

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer provides a unified file transfer platform so you can share and track mission-critical information movement within your enterprise and across your trading partner network with peace of mind. Gain the benefit of the most trusted managed file transfer solution.

Every organization is on an MFT journey. Taking the first step from FTP to MFT usually follows a significant event or pressing project. Soon, you find you own several projectbased MFT products through departmental buying or acquisition. The next step on the journey is the move to an “operations” MFT, which focuses on consolidation and modernization of all the point products for better control, delivery, and
efficiencies of scale. Finally, an MFT Center of Excellence removes barriers, allowing your business to grow. The third stage is implementing an MFT Center of Excellence that focuses on supporting enterprise-level Service Level Agreements (SLA).

This phase is usually driven by a best practices approach to governance, scalability and high availability requirements and regulatory compliance. Regardless of where you are on your MFT journey, a new set of change drivers are going to challenge Your current MFT solution.

The journey to a Managed File Transfer Center of Excellence

Key highlights

Consolidated, enterprise-grade file transfer platform

Fulfill all your file transfer needs in one solution. A robust gateway, reliable point-topoint transfers, and enhanced edge-security protection — all monitored for full visibility and governance over your entire MFT environment.

Advanced security capabilities

Shield your trusted network from intruders with a DMZ-based proxy which prevents direct communication between external and internal sessions. Supports firewall best practices, includes robust encryption, and offers flexible authentication options to ensure compliance with security standards.

End-to-end visibility and governance

Central monitoring and configuration management provide visibility into file transfers and B2B processes across a supported infrastructure within the network. You can align server views with operational logic.
Define schedules, processes, file names and other metadata through a simplified user interface — and also define user roles and security capabilities.

Scalable file transfer

Whether you are facing increasing file volumes, growing file sizes, or an expansion of trading partners — move files with confidence over an event-based architecture that enables high volumes and large file architecture with no product-defined limits.

Highly available architecture

Designed from the outset for high availability, the “always-on” architecture supports 24×7 operations, so your SLAs are more consistently met, further driving down the cost of doing business while improving customer satisfaction.

Reliable and automated file transfers

Supports 24-hour unattended operations with automatic fault monitoring and transmission restart.
Scheduled jobs, proactive alerts and self-service capabilities lower the operational burden and frees up limited IT resources to focus on value-added activities to efficiently ensure successful delivery.

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