IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights wiht Watson

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson

Leverage artificial intelligence to mitigate supply chain disruptions

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights is an AI-enabled solution that delivers real-time intelligence to optimize supply chain performance by quickly correlating data from siloed systems, capturing organizational knowledge and creating digital playbooks.

Supply Chain Insights enables your organization to build a more intelligent, demand-sensitive and customer-centric supply chain. Supply Chain Insights leverages AI, that learns and understands supply chain, to provide monitoring, visibility and insights across your supply chain. With Supply Chain Insights, organizations can be proactively alerted to, assess and mitigate disruptions and risks – and optimize the supply chain to deliver greater business value

The solution is a critical part of the IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite, powering both the Intelligence Services and purpose-built control tower capabilities. The IBM Sterling Inventory Control Tower, built with Supply Chain Insights to accelerate time to value, provides intelligent insights to see, manage and more effectively act on inventory and mitigate disruptions to meet actual demand.

Supply Chain Intelligence Services leverages composable data and AI services that are trained in supply chain and open to developers. Developers can create purpose-built control towers using control tower solution blueprints to accelerate data integration.

Feature spotlights:

Operations Center with Smart-Alerts

  • Proactively monitors and governs operations with speed and agility
  • Predicts disruptions and provides configurable, intuitive alerts cutting through data overload
  • Enables alerts to be configured around the indicators most important to the organization, and users can then drill down to better understand the details and impact
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to retrieve supplier data up to 90% faster

Resolution Rooms with Ask Watson

  • Recommends the right team members to help resolve specific disruptions
  • Provides the relevant information, updates and insights needed to mitigate disruptions
  • Drives greater collaboration and augments a team’s knowledge, speeding the response to events

Digital Playbooks

  • Leverages Watson’s capability to develop a body of knowledge over time by learning about how specific issues were resolved in the past
  • These learned best practices enable greater speed and accuracy in responding to future events

Rapid Integration

  • Correlates and harmonizes data across disparate silos, systems and sources
  • Leverages the power of AI to quickly collate, correlate and analyze vast amounts of data at incredible scale and speed
  • Allows for rapid integration of planning, sourcing, production, warehouse, transportation and other systems, as well as external services and sources of data
  • Empowers organizations to scale and manage disparate sources of data to keep data complexity in check

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