IBM Transformation Extender

IBM Transformation Extender (ITX)

Automates complex transformation and validation of data between various formats and standards

IBM Sterling Transformation Extender (previously IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender) enables your organization to integrate customer, providers and business partners transactions. The product helps to automate the complex transformation and validation of data between a variety of different formats and standards.
The solution offers complex data processing capabilities for most mission critical applications in the pharmaceutical, industrial, financial, insurance and global trading sectors.

IBM Sterling Transformation Extender offers the following features and benefits:

Provide a single, universal, and data transformation solution

  •  Provides data transformation, processing capabilities and enhancement of the entire enterprise infrastructure
  • Offers high-performance processing capabilities for complex data to meet the needs of the industry
  • Helps reduce manufacturing costs and increase performance.

Offers flexible deployment options

  • Providing processing capabilities for messaging infrastructures, applications, enterprise service bus, application servers and devices
  • Available as an integrated or standalone engine, it allows you to choose the optimal environment for data processing
  • Integrates with other IBM solutions, such as Sterling B2B Integrator, Integration Bus, and WebSphere Application Server
  • Allows deploying virtualized and private architectures engine in the cloud using IBM Hypervisor Edition

Supports industry-standard data transformation requirements

  • Fornisce capacità di elaborazione di infrastrutture di messaggistica, applicazioni enterprise service bus, server di applicazioni e dispositivi
  • Disponibile come motore integrato o indipendente, che consente di scegliere l’ambiente ottimale per l’elaborazione dei dati
  • Può essere integrato con altre soluzioni IBM, come ad esempio Sterling B2B Integrator, Integration Bus e Websphere Application Server
  • Consente di adottare il motore di architetture virtuale e privato in cloud tramite IBM Hypervisor Edition

Supporta i requisiti della conversione di dati standard del settore

  • Allows you to reuse the same transformation assets across the enterprise to provide consistency and scalability
  • Helps you manage and adapt to changing industry standards with Industry Packs
  • Generates a transformation and data processing for binary, hierarchical, semi-structured and mixed data
  • Processes large volumes of data efficiently with single-pass, validation, and transformation searches
  • Allows access to data directly from source applications, to improve data integrity and high-performance capabilities
  • Natively, it processes many data inputs together, with a single read of the data, and can combine multiple inputs to multiple outputs in a single process

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