IBM Websphere MQ File Transfer Edition

IBM WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition (FTE)

Manage file transfers across a range of platforms and networks

IBM WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition enables you to manage file transfers in WebSphere MQ environments across a range of platforms and networks.

It can help you manage and secure file transfers with improved reliability and control while eliminating costly redundancies, lowering maintenance costs and maximizing your existing IT investments.

The diagram shows a simple IBM Websphere MQ File Transfer Edition topology. There are two agents
agents, each connecting to its own agent queue manager on an IBM MQ network. A file is transferred from
the agent on one side of the diagram, through the IBM MQ network, to the agent on the other side of the
diagram. Also in the IBM MQ network are the coordination queue manager and a command queue
manager. Applications and tools connect to these queue managers to configure, manage, operate, and log
IBM Websphere MQ File Transfer Edition activity on the IBM MQ network.

WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition features include:

A flexible file transfer gateway

  • Extends the IBM WebSphere MQ environment with queue managers that determine the appropiate paths for file transfers
  • Conducts file data between IBM WebSphere MQ internal systems and the business-to-business gateway
  • It works with several communication protocols
  • It distributes files of any size between different platforms and systems

Adaptive technology

  • Works with a file transfer backbone that eliminates the need for a direct connection between source and target
  • Provides time-independent file transfers to improve the productivity of applications that produce and consume files
  • Takes advantage of event-driven file transfers for flexible, dynamic distribution of file data, audit logs and alerts
  • Modernizes batch-oriented architecture into micro-batches for easier messaging conversion

Continuous file processing methods

  • Use automated file transfers for increased control and productivity, or work with ad hoc file transfers
  • Take advantage of automated retry, checkpoint restart and error recovery features to minimize failures and exception handling
  • Monitor file movement from the source application to the target application to help eliminate file corruption
  • Eliminate issues with FTP transfers that can be unreliable
  • Receive automated alerts in the event of an exception during file transfer

Integrated administration tools

  • Integrate file transfer capabilities directly within the WebSphere MQ server without installing a separate product
  • Use the Eclipse-based WebSphere MQ Explorer with an intuitive graphical interface
  • Offer point-to-point, peer-to- peer and publish-and- subscribe delivery methods to facilitate integration throughout the enterprise
  • Enable applications to use web application programming interfaces (APIs) to transfer files such as office productivity tools and computer-assisted design (CAD) programs
  • Support IBM AIX®, HP-UX, Linux on x86, Linux on IBM System z®, Oracle Solaris, Microsoft Windows and IBM z/OS® operating systems

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