MFT Maturity Check

A complete study, at no cost, to analyze the degree of adaptation of your MFT infrastructures to current challenges

Who are we targeting?

All companies, regardless of what they do, that transfer critical or business files or exchange large volumes of data.

What do we analyse?

B2B integration platforms, filetransfer solutions and supply chain management tools

Our specialized consultants will carry out a complete diagnosis of your MFT infrastructure in terms of:

Does your infrastructure comply with the new European regulations on personal data protection?

After four years of discussions, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was finally ratified by the European Union in April 2016 and became part of EU law in May 2018.

The new Regulation requires companies that handle personal data of EU citizens to implement adequate technical and organisational measures to control the nature, scope, context and purposes of personal data processing.

These measures depend on the degree of risk associated with the data stored, and may include:

  • Pseudonymization and/or personal data encryption
  • Guaranteeing uninterrupted system confidentiality, integrity, availability and flexibility
  • Restoring availability of and convenient access to data after a physical or technical incident
  • Introducing a process to regularly test, estimate and assess system effectiveness

Very severe sanctions will be applied in cases of non-compliance with this Regulation, including fines of up to €20 million or 4% of the previous year’s turnover.

Having trouble integrating your business processes with those of your clients and suppliers?

File transfers between organisations are ever on the rise as companies expand their relations. The ability to adapt to the increase is challenged by the pressing demand for higher volumes, more varied file sizes and more frequent transfers using multiple and completely secure distribution models.

This calls for many organisations to consider whether their file transfer infrastructures are up to the challenge.

B2B Next is the perfect technology partner to rely on for a tailored solution capable of integrating your corporate infrastructure with your clients’ business processes and synchronising their value chains through safe, automated and reliable data orchestration, transformation and delivery.

Benefits of our MFT Maturity Check

Ever wondered what level of service your clients currently expect?

Have you thought about raising your service standards for clients? Do you know what the competition has to offer?

Coming across as a collaborative and dynamic supplier when doing business is bound to boost your customer satisfaction. A good file transfer infrastructure is a valuable ally to make that impression.

Would you like clients to be able to find answers to their questions through your systems? How about if they could find answers to their questions in real time using their favourite channels?

Can your infrastructure speed up the development of new sales channels?

Competitive organisations work in an open, dynamic, safe and synchronised business process scenario, enabling unlimited interaction and the power to instantly adapt to changes and innovation in a constantly evolving market.

Now that the ability to make changes is more important than ever, do you think your file transfer solution has the agility it needs to keep you up-to-date with the changing requirements of your business partner community?

If your MFT infrastructure does not allow you to quickly and easily connect with new clients and suppliers using their preferred communication standards, you are missing out on business opportunities by failing to reach new market segments and
areas for growth.

An efficient file transfer solution should enable you to easily broaden your automated processes beyond the company’s limits, regardless of your business partners’ technology, policies, procedures, preferences and connectivity priorities.

Do you have the visibility and control you need over core aspects of your file transfer systems?

Being in control of your file transfer and viewing it in a single display that covers the entire environment is crucial, not only so you can fulfil your data exchange needs satisfactorily, but also to ensure your organisation’s business capacity is not limited.

Having a centralised solution that tells you what is going on in your organisation’s operations and tracks your interactions with the extended value chain allows you to:

  • Be more agile on the market thanks to a broader and faster view over your collaborative business processes, with a vision that adapts to the needs and roles of the major decision-makers
  • Boost your control and measurement capacity to make instant decisions
  • Detect and correct exceptions and bottlenecks before they become a problem

What’s more, supervising processes using a centralised control panel helps to encourage service level agreement fulfilment, alerting of transactions and events that fail to comply with the limits set. By improving SLAs, you will be gaining service quality and lowering the costs of operating file exchanges thanks to real-time detection and correction of incidents before they turn into problems and added

Is your new business partner onboarding process up to your business standards?

One of the major challenges currently facing most organisations that work with commercial process integration solutions is managing to speed up the task of onboarding new clients and business partners. The process often takes too long and the delays lead to missed business and invoicing opportunities.

At B2B Next we want to help you to speed up and industrialise your onboarding processes to include new clients, suppliers and partners, whichever system or protocol they use, constantly driving your business growth and drastically lowering the cost of administering your business community.

Cut the costs of your value chain

A suitable file transfer solution tends to drive quicker ROI, while staying fully in line with your business, consequently improving service quality and customer satisfaction.

B2B Solutions can help you to transform your file exchange models by designing a tailored solution for you to cut costs based on the following parameters:

  • Cutting costs through system consolidation
  • Cutting costs in client and sales partner onboarding
  • Cutting costs in handling exceptions
  • Cutting costs in operations by detecting and correcting SLA incidents in real time before the problem causes added expenses
  • Cutting costs in production by solving incidents faster
  • Cutting costs by shortening development times
  • Cutting costs by complying with current regulations to avoid potential sanctions
  • And much more

MFT Maturity Check

B2B Next would like to help you, free of charge, to optimise your processes with clients and business partners and to cut your costs.

The project involves an initial data gathering phase, during which we will talk to you and collect information on your file transfer processes. Our consultants are fully qualified and hold all the necessary certifications and extensive experience in international projects. It will only take two to four sessions to do everything we need, so we won’t need much of your time.

The second phase consists of analysing the information to draw up our report, which we will then present to you in a single session. This report is a thorough, customised document setting out our conclusions on the state of your systems in terms of Security, Efficiency, Governance, Growth and Profitability. We will also make recommendations for improving or enhancing your performance, with no
strings attached.

If we recommend acquiring new infrastructures (either on-site or on the cloud), we will attach a Return on Investment (ROI) report and an analysis of what implementation will entail

Here are some of the aspects we will consider in our check report on your file transfer infrastructure:

  • Possibilities of reducing human involvement and improving industrialisation in your information exchange processes
  • Work process visibility in your systems
  • Security and reliability of your communication protocols
  • System consolidation viability
  • Analysing scalability and detecting single points of failure (SPOF) in your architecture
  • Compliance with SLAs
  • Compliance with new protocols, standards and formats
  • Compliance with personal data protection regulations (GDPR). Personal data protection, moving data security, restricted access to
    personal data, unauthorised data processing, keeping a data processing record for the purpose of confidentiality and compliance, etc.
  • Analysing times and costs for onboarding new clients and business partners, and the ability to improve
  • Incident resolution times and opportunities for improvement
  • And much more

Contact B2B Next If you have any questions or need more information about our MFT Maturity Check.