European Prize for Business Management and Innovation

In October 2018, the European Economy and Competitiveness Association granted us the European Prize for Business Management and Innovation. That distinction was created in order to recognise those entities and their managers that have stood out for the search for new business innovation formulas, one of the basic drivers of the Spanish and European economies. With this initiative, the Association seeks to acknowledge and honour the efforts of those who have undertaken projects for the implementation of new business management models which improve competitiveness, production and efficiency.

That recognition represents a further boost to B2B Solutions, to continue in our efforts to improve day by day.

Ana García Lozano, journalist and presenter of the prizes, together with Carlos Jiménez, Technical Operations Manager of B2B Solutions, during the ceremony.

Emilio Javier Gómez Plaza, journalist and honorary member of the Association, together with Carlos Jiménez, Technical Operations Manager of B2B Solutions.