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We believe that a company is only as great as its team.

Therefore, we are constantly selecting the best international talent, people with initiative, responsibility and commitment.

We work hard not only so our professionals can participate in a good project but also so they can be some
of the best qualified on the best team with an exceptional work environment.

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What do our professionals say about us?

In the latest professional satisfaction surveys, carried out in November 2020, our B2B Solutions team valued us as follows:

38% of our professionals think that the treatment and relationship in B2B Solutions is better than in the rest of the Companies they have worked in.

62% of our professionals think that the treatment and relationship in B2B Solutions is much better than in the rest of the Companies in which they have worked.

Regarding the most positive aspects of the Company, our professionals have highlighted:



  • Good technicians, good atmosphere.
  • Proximity, training within reach.
  • The company in general, colleagues, friendliness, the possibility of personal and professional growth.
  • They have always tried through activities and meetings to try to keep all the members in contact, which greatly fosters a good atmosphere within the group.
  • Flexibility, technologies, powerful projects and tools for training.

Why B2B Next?

Because we get involved in your professional growth.

Because you’ll have a first-rate team and a technology community that gets better each day, creating an
excellent work environment.

Because we support continuing education and make the best training sources available to you to do your
job and grow professionally.

Because we support individual responsibility: flexibility and autonomy are a reality at B2B Solutions.

Because we foster equality and respect people’s work, initiatives, opinions and, above all, people themselves.

People First
We’re proud to have built a model company as far as flexibility and friendliness based on a relationship of mutual trust, complete communication, respect for our commitments and obligations and, more than
anything else, respect for people.

We’re committed to guaranteeing and fostering equal treatment and opportunities among men and women and reject all discrimination based on gender, race, age, religion, political ideas or nationality.

Professional Evolution
We’re committed to ensuring our team’s professional objectives by sharing professional experiences to perfect our capabilities, develop competitiveness and strengthen our professional future.

Telework is a part of our DNA. We have the technological resources to work from home whenever the projects and commitments to our customers so allow.

Free Training and Certification
We provide all our technicians with the best available educational resources as well as the corresponding certification programs for the solutions we work with in order for them to grow professionally and ensure the success of each project.

International Experience
We’re a company with an immense international vocation and complete our professionals’ training with participation in projects that are constantly being developed in various places throughout Europe and America.

Flexibility and Work/Life Balance
We defend flexible working hours which can be adapted to each of our professionals’ personal lives to help care for the children or seniors our employees are responsible for to the extent possible.

Our Technology Community

When mentioning B2B Next, we usually say we’re a Technology Community. It’s not a term that has been coined but rather the way we do our work, combining it with our way of life.

At B2B Next, we encourage collaboration to resolve the challenges that arise in our work and have the individual capabilities to strengthen the team’s competencies.

But, we don’t just share a professional interest. We also share enthusiasm to do better each day, enjoy life with others and live in accordance with our values. That’s why we organize activities off the job which are completely voluntary and foster our team spirit. It’s something we do continuously and spontaneously and we’re very proud of it.

We have an exceptional team which is open to new colleagues, new adventures and new suggestions both in planning and handling complex projects as well as when it comes to having a lot of fun or just relaxing together after work.

Job Opportunities

Our doors are always open for B2B integration and managed file transfer consultants and constantly have job opportunities to boost your skills or transform your professional experience into a highly specialized field with an excellent teamwork environment.

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