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Supply Chain Visibility

Gain end-to-end supply chain visibility with AI-enabled insights to act faster with greater confidence and resolve disruptions in minutes, not days

Supply chain visibility is the ability of all stakeholders throughout the supply chain to access real-time data
related to the order process, inventory, delivery and potential supply chain disruptions. The advanced
insights improve customer service, reduce costs, help with regulatory directives, and mitigate interruptions
that could affect supplier inventory levels and product delivery.

Lack of B2B transaction and inventory visibility is a significant challenge. But with real-time insights from EDI data, which IBM AI helps correlate across disparate systems, business users can make faster transaction queries to speed resolution of shipment and order issues. 

Real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations provided by embedded AI capabilities have already helped IBM clients reduce disruption mitigation time from days to hours. And new, data-driven insights can uncover opportunities to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. IBM can also help you securely extend shared, real-time visibility to supply chain trading partners, suppliers and customers — while enabling traceability and ensuring authenticity — with blockchain.

Key capabilities of supply chain visibility

End-to-end supply chain
visibility with AI

Connect and view data across
disparate sources

Predict and mitigate
disruptions before they happen

Reduce mitigation time from days
to minutes

Shared records enabled by

Establish immutable shared records
across multiple partners

Optimize supply chain

Tackle recurring supply chain
challenges faster

Quickly understand and
act on what matters most

Save significant time and get
immediate answers

Data-driven insights
powered by AI

Discover costs savings and hidden

Supply chain visibility solutions

IBM Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN)

IBM Supply Chain Business Network
provides a single, flexible B2B platform that
supports most communication protocols,
helps secure your B2B network and data and
achieve high availability operations

IBM Sterling Delivery Transaction Intelligence

Provide permissioned trading partners with
an immutable shared record of real time,
secure digital transactions powered by IBM

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson

Predict, quickly assess and more effectively mitigate disruptions
and risks to optimize supply chain performance with AI-powered